Product Review: Suunto AMBIT3 Vertical

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Athlete: Mike Hewan


Having used Suunto now for over 4 years, I’ve become very familiar with the functionality around the AMBIT range. The change to my AMBIT3Sport was honestly not that noticeable at first, but when it came time to pulling information from the unit for my training and comparing the weight, I realized the differences.


The Vertical unit is something slick, with a lighter feel, better fit and much better look. The functionality around it again, not that noticeable to me, but then again I’ll be honest and say I’m fairly lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff.


It has however come into it’s own with my deciding in Jan 2016 to take part in the half IRONMAN in Durban in June 2016. This training started after a furious start to the year with road cycling races, and me switching mainly to multi-sport after a successful Tour Of Good Hope 5 day road stage race.


In the pool, training is easy indoor or outdoor with it being able to count lengths of distance.

On the bike, the unit fits well onto the dummy wrist and is easy to use.

On the run, you hardly notice it’s there, but some nifty features allow you to know some serious detail on what your run pace is like, or simply basic info like time and min/km.


Id love to see a better application to how the unit fits on the bike.

I personally notice the watch fitment on the bike when doing a MTB race, and especially now with most races having number boards. It doesn’t look good, fits odd and the board ends up cutting the strap. It would be good to see possibility of a screen which turns 90degrees and allows the user to mount on the stem… as an idea.


To sum up the watch, it’s something you can use for anything, anywhere. It looks good, feels good and if you don’t mind the colour (depending on what you choose), you can where it anywhere.


I’m looking forward to what comes out in June, from what I have heard. I’m lucky enough to have a Suunto KAILASH too in my possession, so I wear that on a daily basis for work and corporate/business spaces.


I’d score the watch overall a 9 / 10.

The only thing letting the unit down is for someone who does a fair amount of MTB from time to time, and fitment to the bike could be slicker.

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